Get Umoja Credits

The Umoja Project works on the principle of “Every Member contributes Every Time”, so the first step is to get Umoja Credits, which is the native currency of the Umoja Project. Getting Umoja Credits is as simple as making a donation through the Umoja Project website. In exchange for your donation, you will receive an equal amount of Umoja Credits!

Give Umoja Credits

Every week, every member adds Umoja Credits to the pool, which are then shared by the members of the project, each member receiving an amount of credits when its their turn. And, after each member receives their credits from one level, they will be automatically placed in line on the next level to receive even more Umoja Credits!

Community Impact

Your donations through the Umoja Project are about much more than just helping yourself. Your donations will help other members of the Umoja Family, as well as individuals and local organizations in your own community!

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